More FM Name Change

106.9 is now More FM to reflect our dedication in giving you more of what you told us you care about:  More Music, with Less Talk…and more of the songs you really like.  More Music in the Morning, and 30 minutes commercial-free throughout the workday.  Thanks for listening!  

Concert Calendar

04/04 · The Wailers
04/11 · Blood Sweat & Tears with Bo Bice
04/11 · Lit
04/16 · Iggy Azalea
04/17 · Barry Manilow
04/18 · Leon Russell
04/18 · Little River Band

Health & Family

  • Pepsi Just Passed Diet Coke as the Second Most Popular Soda

    Coke was the most popular soda in the country last year, it's number one EVERY year. But the battle for number two has been tight for a while. Pepsi used to always come in second, then Diet Coke passed it back in 2010, and stayed there ever since. But now the numbers for 2014 are out, and Pepsi is back at number two. Read More
  • Five Tips for Keeping Your Dating Budget in Check

    No one ever said finding love was easy (and if they did, they sure didn’t say it was cheap!). Whether you’re a man or woman, dating does have a dollar amount attached to it, and it’s critical to your financial well-being to determine how much you can reasonably spend every month on it. Dating can be expensive, so here are five tips for keeping costs down, from Read More
  • A Nine-Year-Old Used His Birthday Money to Save a Horse on Death Row

    Here's some trivia about our neighbors up north. It's completely legal in Canada to buy and sell horse meat for human consumption. Which I'm only mentioning to set this up. A woman in Ontario named Mary Jane Allen was on a website that sells horses recently. And her nine-year-old son Brandon saw a 17-year-old racehorse named Karazan with no bids. Read More

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