Five Random Facts For Thursday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  The oldest newspaper still running is “Berrow’s Worcester Journal” in England, it started in 1620.


2.  The singer Gary Numan is 13 days older than the actor Gary Oldman.


3.  If you ate an entire human being, you’d take down approximately 81,500 calories.  That’s enough to survive at least a few months.


4.  “Beverly Hills, 90210″ was originally supposed to be set in Maryland, and called “Potomac, 20854″.  But executives at Fox decided it should be a place that was more recognizable.


5.  The first athlete ever to get a million-dollar endorsement deal was a bowler.  A champion named Don Carter got a $1 million deal in 1964 to endorse bowling balls from a company called Ebonite.


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