A Guy’s Pet Squirrel Attacked a Burglar

A guy in Boise, Idaho named Adam Pearl came home on Tuesday and realized someone had broken into his place.  There were footprints in the snow outside his door, and a bunch of scratch marks around the lock on his gun safe.  So he knew someone had been there.


The guy who broke in didn’t get the safe open though, and only took a few things from the house.  He could have stolen more, so it was weird.  But one of the cops figured out why when they caught him a few hours later.


They noticed he had a bunch of tiny scratches on his hands when they arrested him.  So they asked where they came from, and it turned out he got attacked by Adam’s pet SQUIRREL.  The squirrel’s name is Joey.  Adam doesn’t keep him in a cage, he just lets him run around the house.


The guy said the squirrel wouldn’t stop attacking him while he was looking for stuff to steal.  So that’s why he didn’t stick around longer.


There’s no word on charges yet, but Adam ended up getting most of his stuff back.


(Here a video of Joey.)