Five Random Facts For Thursday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Heinz had 60 products when it came up with the slogan “57 Varieties”, because Henry Heinz thought 57 was a luckier number.


2.  John Tyler had the most children of any president, with 15.


3.  The Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas Cowboys have won 41% of the Super Bowls in NFL history.


4.  When Facebook was developing the Like button, the engineers all wanted it to be called the AWESOME button.  Luckily Mark Zuckerberg vetoed that.


5.  Eddie, the dog on “Frasier”, made $10,000 per episode.  His real name was Moose, and he died in 2006 after making more than $3.2 million.


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