Thursday, August 10, 2017


This morning’s winner of the MoreFM Moring Mindbender won a pair of Water park tickets & 4 tickets to Coconut Bowl Attractions at Wild Island.   Little ones can get their toes wet in the Little Lagoon and go for a pint-sized slide down one of three mini slides. Big kids of all ages can chill, float, twist, turn, swirl, and whirl in our splish-splashin’ liquid adventureland. 


With 32 public lanes and two rentable bowling garages with four lanes each and all with glow bowling capability, Coconut Bowl is the area’s premier public bowling facility. And the most fun too!


Purchase tickets at or tune in tomorrow morning at 7:10am for your chance to win.  Here’s today’s question and answer.


Question:   90% of people who try to do this fail. What is it?


Answer:  Be a vegeterian.


Winner:  Jazmyn White of Washoe Valley.