Five Random Facts For Friday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Can openers were invented in 1858, which is 48 years after cans.  During those years in between, the most popular way to open cans was smashing them with a hammer and chisel.


2.  Your rectum has similar cells to your mouth, which is why spicy foods can burn on the way out as much as they do when you’re eating them.


3.  There are only two companies with a perfect “AAA” credit rating:  Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft.


4.  Antarctica gets about 44,000 tourists a year, that’s up from 5,000 tourists a year in 1990.


5.  The most valuable stamp in the world is a one-cent 1856 British Guiana stamp.  It sold at an auction a few years ago for $9.5 million.


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