New in Theaters: “The Commuter” and “Proud Mary”

1.  The Commuter  (PG-13)  Trailer

Liam Neeson is approached by a woman who poses a hypothetical question asking him if he could find someone who doesn’t belong on the train before it reaches its final stop.  But then he realizes he’s trapped in a deadly conspiracy that also threatens his wife and son.

Vera Farmiga is the woman who approaches him, Elizabeth McGovern plays his wife, and Patrick Wilson is Liam’s former partner back when he was still on the police force.




2.  Paddington 2  (PG)  Trailer 1 and Trailer 2

Ben Whishaw returns as Paddington the Bear.  He’s arrested and sent to prison after Hugh Grant steals a rare book that Paddington had wanted to buy as a present for Aunt Lucy.  So it’s up to the Browns to unmask the real thief and prove Paddington’s innocence.

Sally Hawkins from “The Shape of Water” is Mary Brown.  And Hugh Bonneville from “Downton Abbey” is her husband Henry.




3.  Proud Mary  (R)  Trailer

Taraji P. Henson is a hit woman who leaves a kid an orphan when one of her hits goes wrong, and then vows to protect him, even if that means going up against her own boss.  The rest of the cast includes “Lethal Weapon’s” Danny Glover as her boss, and “How to Get Away with Murder’s” Billy Brown as her love interest.




4.  The Post expands nationwide.  (PG-13)  Trailer

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks risk their careers by publishing top secret government papers to expose a 30-year cover-up about the Vietnam War, even after Nixon had already threatened the “New York Times” for the same thing.

It’s directed by Steven Spielberg.  Streep plays “Washington Post” owner Katherine Graham.  Hanks is “Post” editor Ben Bradlee, and Sarah Paulson plays his wife.

(You can listen to Spielberg talk about the movie here.)