It’s specifically designed to help small/mid-sized business owners in the Reno market, that have a very limited marketing budget and are looking for answers on how to reach today’s consumers affordably.

This exclusive 30-minute presentation, Business Trends, will enlighten business owners about the spending habits of today’s consumers, which media are grabbing their attention, find out who is making $$$ using social media and why making a marketing mistake in today’s environment will cost you more than ever!

You’ll learn how to CONSISTENTLY YET AFFORDABLY brand your business and see a breakthrough marketing program that will help you INCREASE PROFITS WHILE SAVING MONEY! A program that thousands of businesses, JUST LIKE YOURS, in over 120 markets, are using to increase revenue…


Reno Media Group has exclusive rights to this program and we only have a few seats for this entertaining presentation! The Americom Radio Building at 961 Matley Lane is the location of the presentations and multiple days and times times are available:

  • Monday, February 19th
    • 5pm
  • Tuesday, February 20th
    • 9am    11am    2pm    4pm
  • Wednesday, February 21st
    • 8am    10am    1pm
  • Thursday, February 22nd
    • 9am    11am    2pm    4pm

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This is one presentation you absolutely can’t afford to miss! Just for showing up you will be registered to win a $100 gift card that will be given away at the end of every session!!!