A Guy Got Out of Jail and Didn’t Want to Wait for His Ride, So He Stole a Bike and Was Arrested Again

When you’re in jail, I’m sure you just can’t wait for the day you get to go home.  But after all that time, what’s another 10 or 20 minutes?  A 29-year-old guy named Johnathan Bentley got released from jail the other day in Alexandria, Louisiana.  (About 120 miles northwest of Baton Rouge.)


It’s not clear what he was in for, or for how long.  But the jail was about 25 miles from his house.  So a cop drove him to the county line, and dropped him off so another cop could take him the rest of the way.


The second cop didn’t show up right away though.  And Johnathan was all alone and sick of waiting.  So instead of just sitting tight, he started walking.  Then he saw a bike sitting out in someone’s yard, and decided to STEAL it and ride it the rest of the way home.


The cop who was on his way to pick him up drove past him a few minutes later, asked where he got the bike, and tossed him BACK in jail for theft.


He was released later that day on $1,000 bond.  It’s not clear how he got home that time.


(Here’s his mugshot.)


(TheTownTalk.com / KALB)