A Woman Faked a Medical Emergency to Get a Better Seat on a Plane, Which Forced the Plane to Turn Around

It’s VERY selfish to mess up other people’s travel at this time of year.  Especially when you do it because you’re too cheap to splash out $19 for Premium Economy.


An American Eagle flight took off from Pensacola, Florida on Friday morning, and when it got in the air, a woman on the plane said she was having breathing issues and asked if they’d move her to a bigger seat.


They did, but the pilot decided that since it was a medical emergency, he’d turn around and head back to Pensacola to get the woman some help.


But when they landed, she admitted she FAKED the entire thing because she wanted a bigger seat.  And then she refused to get off the plane.


The pilot finally talked her into leaving, and she was taken into custody.  Criminal charges are probably coming.


(NBC News)