More FM Hi-Lo


MoreFM Hi-Lo!


Yes, our name has changed, but the good stuff remains!  We’re playing even MORE MUSIC for your workday—30 Minutes Commercial-Free every time the music starts from 8-5, and now a 106.9 favorite, Hi-Lo, is back to add some fun!


MoreFM Hi-Lo gives you the chance at CASH… with jackpots ALWAYS $1,000 and more!  Listen weekdays just before 8am, once in the 11am hour, and again between 2 & 3 while you work, and take a guess how much is in the current jackpot.  Tell us the exact amount and win it!  And just for getting through to play, you'll enjoy dinner for 2 at Qdoba Mexican Grill, with entrées, soft drinks, chips and salsa included!   


Every guess is another clue to help you zero-in on the jackpot amount, so listen every time we play.  If you’re a MoreFM Club Member, you’ll get exclusive emails from time to time letting you know recent guesses---just in case you miss one!   Also, like us on our Facebook page for additional updates!



For a complete list of the Rules, click here.