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Dapper Kaeper-nick

Posted By: Tessa Marie · 1/24/2013 12:46:00 PM

So, I was not living in the Silver State when Colin Kaepernick won the hearts of Northern Nevadans. But once I moved back, I noticed quite a lot more Red and Gold being sported around town! And even more so now that Mr. #7 led the Niners to the biggest game of the season! And it all came down to one name – Kaepernick (which I instantly butchered as “Cape-r-nick”…)

 Obviously, I needed to get myself in the know. First stop, Wikipedia, to read up on his stats. Impressive stuff! But then walks in Traffic Trey to really blow me away…

 He shows me the prophetic letter that Colin wrote to himself in the 4th grade. This kid KNEW what he wanted, stated his intentions, and lo and behold, his dream came true! (Although, I will chalk up the height prediction to sheer luck…)

 It is a rare person who knows how to dream big and truly believe that they can achieve that dream. And from all accounts, people speak highly of his humility on and off the field. That attitude probably played well into the unfolding of events and people in his life that ultimately brought him to where he is now – living out his EXACT childhood dream.

 After seeing that letter, I decided this guy might just be a pretty good character! I would love to sit down with him and ask loads of questions, like “Did you take time everyday to sit and visualize yourself playing in the NFL?” and “Were there moments you thought it wouldn’t happen and almost gave up following your dream?” Etc, etc, etc.

 Now, I won’t be jumping on the bandwagon. But as for which side I’ll root for during that fateful Sunday, I’m definitely for the Gold Rush. And in the meantime, I feel inspired to take another look at my ultimate wishes, and see if I can’t fine tune my energy and get back on track toward my dreams

 And between now and then, I will also work on correctly pronouncing his name…Dapper Kaeper Dapper Kaeper Dapper Kaeper!!!