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An asteroid is headed this way….

Posted By: Tessa Marie · 2/11/2013 12:01:00 PM

And thankfully it won’t be impacting our Lovely Planet Earth :)

 The asteroid (known by the moniker 2012 DA14) will be passing us by this coming Friday, the 15th. It was discovered by a small team in Southern Spain thanks to a grant from the Planetary Society, which is headed by my favorite man in science, Bill Nye.

 He recently did an interview with CNN to fill viewers in a bit more about this fly by, and revealed that this large rock in space is only missing us by 15 MINUTES!!! That seems like quite a tiny window, but of course, this planet spins along it’s ellipse a heck of a whole lot faster than think it does!

 Thank goodness our encounter with 2012 DA14 will be fleeting, but what a reminder to look up and know there is much more going on than just our day to day hustle and bustle here on the ground…

 And while you consider that matter, also consider funding those that are watching the skies for us!

 Live Long and Prosper


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