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Posted By: Tessa Marie · 2/25/2013 10:20:00 AM

I cannot believe what a difference Lasik has made in my life… 

It’s been only 4 days since I had the procedure performed by Dr. Rothman over at Lasik of Nevada, and I am STILL finding small moments throughout the day where I stop and appreciate my new vision! 

For instance, my morning routine is entirely different… I got very much used to getting ready without my glasses or contacts. I used to just memorize which blurry items to reach for, but NOW I can actually read what products I am using! I even discovered a tiny QR code on the front of my mouthwash to scan for coupons! New Sight = Savings!

 I’ve started a small list to take note of all the little ways Lasik is making a difference in my day. Stay tuned to find out more as my adventures without glasses continue!

 If you are curious about Lasik, I encourage you to give Lasik of Nevada a call TODAY at 775-828-2733 to schedule a consultation. The friendly and professional staff will help you discover what Lasik is all about and how it can benefit you!

 Thanks again Dr. Rothman!


Tessa’s Peepers 

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