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Too many shoes? How about too many glasses!

Posted By: Tessa Marie · 3/21/2013 1:24:00 PM

I just had my month follow up appointment at Lasik of Nevada, and as expected, my eyes are doing splendidly!

 During my last visit, I noticed several jars throughout the office, filled with glasses for donation. So upon preparing for my recent visit, I made a point to collect all my spectacles to add to the bunch. Well little did I realize just how many pairs I had!

 If you wear glasses then I’m sure you know what an endeavor it is to not only find frames that suit the shape of your face and compliment your skin tone (if choosing colored frames), but you also need multiple frames to accent your wardrobe!

 Now a couple of frames didn’t make the donation cut, as they were damaged from who knows what (dropping and stepping on them in the dark??), but it was a cheerful feeling as I parted ways with my old friends.

 I think I will now buy some new outfits, WITHOUT factoring in the frames :)

 Loving life after Lasik,


 (You too can enjoy life after Lasik! Call to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Rothman at 775-828-2733 today!)

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