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Beautiful Skies!

Posted By: Tessa Marie · 4/29/2013 11:03:00 AM

First off, thanks to ALL that came out to the Kite Festival! It was such a blast, and the skies were beautiful to behold! The array of kites was so colorful and entertaining to watch all day long!

And speaking of watching kites, I couldn’t believe how far one of the kites went! A gentleman was there with a pretty elaborate set up…a simple kite, shaped like a bird , attached to what I can only describe as a spinning wheel for an enormous length of string…and boy did he make it fly! I swear that kite was MILES away, hovering over downtown Reno!

As I’m standing with my roommate, we and others around us are all staring at the string above our heads that seems to be attached to nothing. But then I spot it – this tiny speck of a kite FAAAAAAR away against the backdrop of the clouds! I could even make out its tails trailing in the wind! I point it out, but only a few others could actually tell what I was looking at.

It was yet another moment that I had to stop and smile about how great my vision is after Lasik. I feel like I have SUPER vision! I also thought about the fact that prior to Lasik, I would have worn contacts to an event like the Kite Festival, and the wind probably would have dried them out like crazy!

I know I am beyond happy with my Life after Lasik, and you can be too! Take the first step and set up a free consultation with Dr. Rothman at Lasik of Nevada to find out more – 828-2733

Here’s to beautiful skies seen through happy eyes!


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