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Something Special for Mom...

Posted By: Tessa Marie · 5/3/2013 1:11:00 PM

My mom always loves to recieve bath stuff on Mother's Day...but this year I'm getting her something better than any cheesy, foo-foo packages available in stores...

Right now Edna Skin Care has an at-home-spa-kit that includes ALL NATURAL items made RIGHT HERE in town that combine for quite the pampering session!

The first part of it is the Ocean Mint Mask (which I use daily to control my acne!) Once that is on, she can soak in a bath of Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts to ease her cares away. Then finish it all up with soothing Bath and Body Oil, and the Magicream to really hold in moisture!

Aside from being a wonderful EXPERIENCE, it's actual benefits just can't be beat!

Get a head start on Mother's Day by heading to their site now to order AND to get a free sample for yourself! (Yes, you are allowed to treat yourself too!)

So that's Mother's Day - CHECK!


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