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Posted By: Tessa Marie · 5/15/2013 12:34:00 PM

First, being a busy Working Woman, may I say, I LOVE text message and email appointment reminders! Just got one yesterday to remind me that I have a appointment with Dr. Rothman to check up on my peepers...

Now, you may have heard me on the air this morning talking about jumping in the middle of a gnarly dog fight. It sounds cheesy to say I was thankful that I wasn't wearing glasses or contacts during the altercation, but with all the dirt getting kicked up and the wrestling that was involved, I was QUITE glad that I wasn't getting dirt in any contacts or losing glasses God know where!

I'll say from a purely PRACTICAL point of view, I now feel like I am ready for any situation that calls for immediate action. No concerns at all about not being able to see in a time of need! So should some kind of emergency come around, that's one less thing to worry about!

If you've been thinking about Lasik, it's time to join me in this alleviation of anxiety! Leave behind glasses and contacts and all that is involved with keeping them up JUST so you can see...get Lasik and just SEE! 

Contact the man I trusted my eyes to - Dr. Rothman at Lasik of Nevada. Call 828-2733 today!


Breathing a sigh of relief, 


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