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Change is a good thing...

Posted By: Tessa Marie · 6/4/2013 11:53:00 AM

I just caught up with one of my friends from South Carolina, and she couldn't believe I'd finally gone through with Lasik! I'd talked about it for SO LONG and finally got it, and couldn't help but gush to her on the phone about how great it's been since . Life really is absolutely different after Lasik - I love it!

Maybe you are in the same boat, just thinking about it....well now is the time to act on it! If you've been wanting it, take the easy first step in calling Lasik of Nevada and setting up your FREE consultation. That will give you a chance to sit down with my doctor, Dr. Rothman, and ask any questions you have about Lasik! And trust me, he can answer them all, and I know you will reach the same conclusion I did - that THIS is the place to go, THIS is the doctor to trust, and THIS is going to change life for the better!

And if you need more reason, well here it is - 50% OFF Premium Lasik AND a bonus $100 gift certificate to celebrate your new vision! So now, grab your phone and call 828-2733 to give yourself the gift of Lasik.


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