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A Woman Calls the Cops to Help Wake Her Son Up For School

Every morning around this country, I’d estimate there are around 80 million parents struggling to wake up their kids for school.  And somehow, as far as we know, this has never happened before.  A woman named Crystal Towns from Grand Blanc Township, Michigan was trying to wake up her 14-year-old son Zachary for school last week.  Apparently it was a major struggle for them every day.

Are Hot Dogs Actually Tacos?

There’s been an eternal debate on the Internet over whether hot dogs are sandwiches.  And a few days back, the “Washington Post” decided to pour gasoline on that debate by adding a new option.  They say a HOT DOG is actually a TACO.

A Homeless Guy Teamed Up with a Secret Santa and Handed Out $3,000

An anonymous rich guy goes around the country each year, handing out $100 bills to people around the holidays.  And this year, he added a twist.  He recently met a homeless guy in Phoenix named Moses Elder, who looks like he’s in his 50s or early 60s.  And he asked HIM to hand out some of the money.  He gave him a few hundred bucks to keep for himself, plus THREE GRAND to hand out to whoever he wanted.