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Nine Signs Someone’s a Psychopath

We tend to use the term “psychopath” for serial killers and crazy people.  But about one in every hundred people qualify as a psychopath, and most of them AREN’T crazy murderers.  Here are nine signs someone’s a psycho:

Smartphone Pinky: Where Your Pinky is Deformed Because of Your Phone

Look at the pinky on the hand you use to hold your phone.  Does it look different than your other pinky?  If so, you might have the HOTTEST new deformity on the Internet, “Smartphone Pinky”!  It’s where your pinky looks dented because of the way you hold your phone.  So people have been sharing photos of their crooked, swollen, and curved pinky fingers, and they’re all blaming it on their phones.

A Man Is Arrested For Having a Gun, and a Suspicious Bag of Bacon

I’ve never heard of “SUSPICIOUS BACON” before.  But now that I have, I kind of want some.  After I’m done interrogating it, I guess.  31-year-old Evan Cater of Madison Heights, Virginia was arrested back in October after a neighbor spotted him in his backyard carrying two things:  A gun, and a suspicious bag of bacon.