Halloween is the Most Deadly Night For Pedestrians . . . Plus the Best Neighborhoods For Trick-or-Treating, and Haunted Hotel Rooms

Here's some Halloween randomness for you to suck down . . .



1.  According to triple-A, Halloween is the DEADLIEST NIGHT of the YEAR for pedestrians.  So be really careful when you're walking . . . AND when you're driving.



If you're going 30 miles an hour, you're TWICE as likely to KILL a person you hit than if you're driving 25 miles an hour.  (CBS 5 - Phoenix)



2.  The website ZipRealty.com just put out a list of the top 15 ZIP codes around the country for trick-or-treating.  They're all areas with a ton of walkable houses and residents with high income . . . so densely packed rich people is the key.



Bellaire, Texas . . . a suburb of Houston . . . came in first.  Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts came in second.  (Marketwatch(Here's the full list.)



3.  A website called RoadTrippers came up with a list of the SEXIEST HAUNTED HOTELS around the country this Halloween . . . in case you want to take a last minute trip to have sex while ghosts watch you?  (Roadtrippers)