Men Don't Feel Like They've Settled Into Life Until They're 54 . . . Here Are Their Top 10 Insecurities

It's a good thing modern medicine is keeping us alive longer than ever . . . because apparently it takes a hell of a long time to feel settled down and comfortable.



According to a new survey, the average man doesn't feel like he's a "real adult" until . . . age FIFTY-FOUR.  That's the age when men have FINALLY overcome all the insecurities that made them feel immature and unsettled.



Here are the top 10 insecurities men say they have to conquer or come to terms with before they feel like real adults:



1.  Not being able to pay off a mortgage or afford a house.


2.  Going bald.


3.  Being unemployed.


4.  Being single.


5.  Going gray.


6.  Having a double chin.


7.  Man boobs.


8.  Not being able to afford retirement.


9.  Worrying about health problems.


10.  Being overweight.



(Daily Mail)