What Are the Perks of Being Single Forever?

There can be a lot of pressure on single people this time of year, mostly from your family BERATING you with questions about when you're going to find someone to end your misery.  Ignore them.  There are PLENTY of reasons to stay single.


Here are eight of the best PERKS we've heard about being single forever:


1.  It only takes five seconds between the impulse to leave the house and actually leaving, not the 20 minutes it takes in a relationship or the 45 minutes it takes with kids.


2.  You only have to go to ONE family's worth of events for the holidays.


3.  Only you decide what you do with your money.


4.  You can enjoy sleeping in the middle of the bed, with your limbs spread out however you want.


5.  You can use the bathroom with the door open.  Yes, eventually you might hit that point in a relationship, but that has a lot of implications on the MAGIC being gone.


6.  You can move for a new job or just for the hell of it without it affecting another person.


7.  You don't have to go through horrible break-ups or, even worse, divorce.


8.  You can still get love and companionship from an unlimited amount of cats.