A Woman Stabs Her Husband For Worshipping NASCAR Instead of God

Can't someone love God AND Daytona?  There's room in the heart for both.

On Sunday, 23-year-old Stephanie Hamman of Church Hill, Tennessee had a meltdown.  She claims she had a conversation with God . . . and He told her to do some really bad things.

First she CRASHED her car through the doors of a CHURCH . . . then when her husband came to check on her, she STABBED him in the chest.  And she said it was because he worshipped NASCAR . . . and not God.

Fortunately, her husband survived.  He's in the hospital right now.

Stephanie was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder and felony vandalism.

She also admitted she smoked a LOT of marijuana, but after her conversation with God he told her it was just for relaxing at night. 

(NBC 12 - Montgomery / Gawker