A Woman Wouldn't Stop Singing "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead" When Her Mother-In-Law Died . . . So Her Husband Locked Her in a Shed

Last month, a 42-year-old guy in England named Andrew Salmon was trying to mourn the death of his mother.  But he was having trouble . . . because his 42-year-old wife Beverley wouldn't stop singing, "Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead".

So while Beverley was at work, Andrew packed up her clothes, left them outside, and locked her out of the house.  Then when she got home, he locked her in a SHED in their backyard.

Eventually she got out through a window, and made it into the house.  Then she started throwing HIS clothes out of a window in their bedroom.

Which is when he retaliated . . . by throwing her down on the bed, ripping open her BLOUSE, and TWISTING HER BOOBS.

Eventually the cops showed up, and Andrew also admitted to PUNCHING her at least once.  He also claimed she's been having an affair.

He was arrested for assault and pleaded guilty, and told a judge he regrets how he handled the situation.  He'll be sentenced next month. 

(Daily Mail / Mirror)