Almost Half of High School and College Guys Say a Woman Has Coerced Them Into Sex?

I'd NEVER make light of someone coercing someone else into having sex.  But I WILL say that high school and college have apparently COMPLETELY CHANGED IN EVERY WAY since we were there.

A new study out of the University of Missouri just found that 43% of GUYS in high school and college say they've been coerced into a sexual experience they didn't want.  And 95% of them say it was with a FEMALE acquaintance.

31% say a woman verbally forced them into getting-it-on . . . 26% say she seduced him by touching him even though he didn't want her to . . . 18% say they were PHYSICALLY forced . . . and 7% say the girl intentionally got them drunk or high.

Half say they ended up having sex with the woman, 10% would've had sex but there were mechanical issues down below, and the other 40% say things didn't go further than kissing and fondling.

The people behind the study say this shows there's a thin line between SEDUCTION and COERCION, especially when it comes to women talking a guy into sex.