Five Tips For Becoming More Likeable

 Is there anyone who DOESN'T want to be more likeable?   

What's your number one tip for becoming more likeable?  Here are five of the most popular answers . . . 


1.  Stop taking yourself so seriously . . . be able to make a joke about yourself, and be able laugh at a joke someone else makes about you. 


2.  Ask people questions so they can talk about themselves.  Then just let them talk . . . it'll make them remember you. 


3.  If someone's telling you about a problem, they don't need you to jump in with an answer to solve anything.  They probably just want to vent.  Don't give advice until they specifically ask for it. 


4.  Don't interrupt people . . . especially not to "top" one of their stories. 


5.  Do favors for people . . . and once in a while, ask them for a favor that shows you trust them. 




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