A Married Woman Meets a Man Online, Gets Together in Person . . . and It's Her Father-In-Law?

This story comes out of China and SEEMS too good to be true . . . but what the hell.



There's a 28-year-old married woman in Muling City, China named Lili, who was talking to a guy online over the past few months.  And recently she decided to CHEAT ON HER HUSBAND with him.  So she and the man arranged to meet in a hotel.



But when she got there, it turned out the man was her FATHER-IN-LAW, 57-year-old Wang Pai.  They'd both used FAKE PHOTOS and FAKE IDENTITIES when they were chatting, so they never realized who the other one was.



And it gets worse.  Her husband . . . Wang Pai's son . . . is a guy named Wang Jai.  He wondered where his wife was, opened her email, saw that she'd arranged to meet a man at a hotel, and followed her there.



When he found his wife there with his father, he flipped out and ATTACKED both of them.  He knocked out two of his wife's teeth, and gave his father a serious head injury.  He was arrested. 



It's not clear if his wife and father actually DID anything once they'd realized who the other one was, but either way . . . flipping out kinda makes sense.



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