The Five Worst "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

Halloween's the one night where no one will judge you for dressing as SKANKY as possible.  But everyone WILL judge you if you TRY to dress sexy but pick a HORRIBLE costume to make it happen.



Yahoo put together a list of the five worst "sexy" Halloween costumes for sale this year.  If you bought one, it's not too late to switch to something better . . .



1.  Sexy Hulk Hogan.  It's for women, and comes with a traditional Hulk Hogan mustache.


2.  Sexy Jolly Rancher.  It's just a short dress that says Jolly Rancher, with an unflattering frill on top to look like the wrapper.


3.  Sexy Medusa.  The headpiece that's supposed to make your hair look like snakes isn't sexy OR scary . . . it's just uncomfortable and awkward.


4.  Sexy Unlicensed Smurf.  It's not officially a Smurf costume . . . it's just a tight blue bodysuit, a little white dress to go over it, and a giant white dunce cap.


5.  Sexy Cheshire Cat.  It has a bunch of gray-and-blue fur accessories, including boots and a huge tail.  But it doesn't really look like a cat, and it doesn't look like much of anything.



(Yahoo Shine)