The Secret to Getting Someone to Do You a Favor Is . . . Apologizing For Something First

Sure, science still hasn't found a cure for hiccups or herpes, but at least now they've figured out how to get someone to HELP YOU MOVE.



According to a new study out of Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the secret to getting someone to do you a favor is . . . to APOLOGIZE before you ask.



It doesn't matter WHAT you apologize for.  ANY apology works.  Apologize for the weather, apologize that "Breaking Bad" is over, apologize for people who wear blackface on Halloween . . . whatever.  Just apologize for SOMETHING.



The researchers found that when a test subject asked a stranger to borrow a cell phone, only 9% said yes.  But when test subjects said, "I'm so sorry about the rain," THEN asked for the phone . . . 47% of people said yes.



Why does it work?  By apologizing, even for something trivial, it gives a huge psychological clue that you're trustworthy and worth doing a favor for.