A Third Grader Is Raising $2,500 Selling Kool-Aid, To Buy Christmas Toys for Homeless Kids

It's that time of year again when kids start making mental checklists of all the JUNK they want for Christmas.  So it's kind of refreshing to hear about a kid who's NOT doing that.


Over the last few months, an eight-year-old in Bakersfield, California named Jaxon Evans has been running a Kool-Aid stand to raise money, and plans to use it to buy Christmas presents for HOMELESS kids.


So far, he's raised $1,600, and he's trying to make it to $2,500.  And it sounds like he will, because now the story is making national news.


Plus, he's getting some help from Kraft, which sent him a bunch of boxes of Kool-Aid, so he doesn't have to cut into his profits buying more.


And instead of looking forward to Christmas, Jaxon is waiting for Black Friday., because that's when he's hitting Toys R Us and buying as much as possible.


On top of their normal Black Friday sales, his local Toys R Us store is giving him an extra 10% off on everything he buys.


(KGET / SunnySkyz.com)