Cher Has Owned Up to Starting the Auto-Tune Craze with "Believe"

If you're like me, you wouldn't mind if you NEVER heard another song that uses Auto-Tune.  It seems like it's been dogging mainstream pop and hip-hop for over a decade now.  And it has.


In fact, CHER admits to STARTING the craze with "Believe" back in 1998.


She says, "I was the first!  'Believe' was such a horrible song, and [the producer] and I fought over it constantly.  He kept saying, 'sing it better,' and I kept saying, 'I'm singing it as good as I can.'


"Eventually I said, '[eff] you, if you want it better, get another singer,' and I stormed out."


Then, she saw someone singing through a device similar to Auto-Tune on TV, and decided to go back to the producer, and suggest they try it.  It worked.  She said she was, "over the moon" with the results.


Cher added, "It's strange that an artist so old can come up with something that an artist so young is still doing."