A Woman Sets Her Boyfriend's Car on Fire Because He Refused to Buy Her a McFlurry

Remember when you were a kid and you'd throw a TANTRUM when your parents wouldn't get you what you wanted at McDonald's?  This is what happens when a stone cold lunatic throws one of those tantrums as an ADULT.

On Sunday, around 12:30 A.M., a couple was at a McDonald's in Jacksonville, Florida and got into an argument because the woman wanted her boyfriend to buy her a McFlurry . . . and he refused.

They started yelling at each other, and finally, she yelled, quote, "I'm going to blow it up."

By "it," she meant . . . his CAR.  According to a witness, quote, "She got gasoline from who knows where.  Then she poured [it] all over the car and the next thing you know there was a match and it was up in flames."

By the time the fire department got there, the car was engulfed in flames.  Meanwhile, the man and woman had RUN OFF.

Turns out the license plate on the car was registered to a DIFFERENT car . . . so now, the cops are trying to sort everything out and track down the couple. 

(CBS 47 - Jacksonville)