Arcade Fire Brought Out a Fake Version of Daft Punk at Coachella

A lot of special guests made cameo appearances onstage at Coachella the past two weekends, and on Sunday, it APPEARED that ARCADE FIRE brought out DAFT PUNK to perform a slowed-down version of "Get Lucky".



But even though it LOOKED like the Daft Punk guys in their usual robot get-up . . . they were imposters . . . or at least, we THINK so. points out that "Daft Punk" wasn't actually DOING anything . . . and the guys in the costumes didn't seem to be the same height and weight as the real dudes.



Also, Arcade Fire singer WIN BUTLER introduced them as "Phat Dunk" or "Paft Dunk."  Plus, it's sort of hard to believe they'd want Daft Punk to perform with them in the first place.



During Coachella's first weekend, Win criticized the overabundance of electronic acts there . . . by dedicating a song to, quote, "all the bands at this festival playing real instruments."



And in the middle of "Get Lucky", Win said, quote, "What the [eff] is happening?  What is this?  Seriously.  Come on!"



It seems like a cut-and-dry stunt . . . but OFFICIALLY, it's still a mystery.  Arcade Fire let the crowd believe what they wanted to, and Daft Punk hasn't commented.