Katy Perry Wishes She Was Educated

Some entertainers will tell you that their education was a waste of time, but Katy Perry isn't one of them. She's basically admitting that she isn't as intelligent as she'd like to be.

She tells Yahoo, "I'm kind of bummed at this stage that I didn't have a great education because I could really use that these days."

Katy dropped out of high school during her freshman year, and before that, she went from school to school, because her parents were pastors and were always on the move. On top of that, she wasn't always getting the best instruction.

She says, "I was being pulled out of school, even in the middle of school, and sometimes being home-schooled. Sometimes we were sent to these really half-Christian, half-education, I-don't-know-what-they-were schools."

So, she's trying to learn as much as she can as an adult. She says, "I've learned to educate myself at this stage and how to continue my education at any age. I'm going on 30 and I'm still very thirsty for information."








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