It’s National Hot Dog Day – Do You Put the Condiments in the Bun Before the Hot Dog?

We’re right between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which means its peak Hot-Dog Season.  In fact, National Hot Dog Day is today, so someone looked into which states love hot dogs the most, using data from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Google.

West Virginia is #1, followed by North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Maine, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Nevada.  Among individual cities, Buffalo is #1, followed by Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.

In all, Americans will consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and mustard is the most popular topping.

But it’s also that time of the year, again, when everyone debates whether or not hot dogs qualify as a sandwich.  There’s a new survey out where 53% of people say a hot dog IS a sandwich.

But here’s something else:  75% of people, or three out of four, have put the condiments in the bun BEFORE the hot dog.  (???)  Technically, it was more of a “have you done it,” than a question of a preferred method, but it’s still surprising.

For the record, the official hot dog etiquette guide says you should never place condiments between the bun and the hot dog, always put the dog in first.


(Zippia / OnePoll)