Monday, January 10, 2022

This morning’s winner of the More FM Morning Mindbender won a pair of tickets to see the “Sibelius Violin Concerto” with the Reno Phil at The Pioneer Center Saturday night at 7:30pm.   This program brings three unique and superior artistic voices together in an intriguing juxtaposition of old and new.

They begin with Harlin- a nod to dance music that will have you tapping your foot. Then with a turn to one of Haydn’s most extraordinary and dramatic symphonies, the last of his London series. Finally, they close the concert with the introduction of an up and coming performer, Alexi Kenney, known for his insightful and artistic interpretations.

You can purchase tickets here, or tune in tomorrow morning for your chance to win.  Here’s today’s question and answer.

Question:  By the end of the year, the average woman will have spent 66 hours doing this, the average guy, four hours less. What?

Answer:  Showering.
Winner:  Vince Carlson of Dayton.