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A Five-Year-Old Saved Her Blind Grandmother from a Fire

A house in New Orleans caught fire last Wednesday morning, while an elderly blind woman was inside. Luckily her five-year-old granddaughter heard the smoke alarm.  Her name is Chloe Woods, and her preschool had just gone on a field trip to the local fire station in October.  

Women Are the Most Fashionable at 30, Men Don’t Get There Until 36

It’s hard to be fashionable when you’re in your 20s.  You know, because it actually requires money.  Oh, and a little life experience and sophistication and all that.  But mostly money.  A new study found the average age when people are the most fashionable.  And for both genders it’s the intersection of when you can AFFORD it and you’re still young and hip enough to pull it off.