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6 Food Trends We’re Excited to See More of in 2016 (Plus 3 We’d Like to Die)

The end of the year brings with it weight gain, near-constant inebriation and the impulse to reflect on the year past, while also offering the opportunity to look ahead towards the New Year … and fantasize about its outcome.
But first, let’s look back. If we had to characterize the state of food in 2015, we would need just word: extreme. The foods that got our attention — from the deep-fried Big Mac to powdered alcohol — had to be extreme enough to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever. The mass use of social media has irrevocably shaped the look, taste and philosophy of the food we eat. We now ask ourselves things like: Is this dish symmetrical enough, indulgent enough, deep-fried enough to share on Instagram with three praise-hand emoji? Or should we only do two? Or how about a thumbs-up, a heart-eye face and an 100? 
Social media isn’t going anywhere, and we hope the following five trends continue a) changing the game and b) blowing up our Insta feeds, the place where trends live and die.

College Students Build Elaborate Shrine To Dead Cockroach

Students saddened by the sight of a dead cockroach in a Texas A&M University stairwell made her an elaborate shrine before cremating the body. The roach, named “Rosie,” was left unattended in the anthropology building for two weeks, according to a post on Imgur by user jimmyevil.