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A 54-Year-Old Guy Disarms a Gunman, Then Runs a Full Marathon

I think my average weekend might include a little more couch time than this guy’s.  A 54-year-old former boxer named Jean-Paul LaPierre was stepping off a metro train in Chicago on Sunday when he saw people rushing for the doors.  Then someone told him a guy with a GUN was robbing other passengers.

30% of People Who Cook Hate Their Own Cooking, Plus, the Top Cooking Mistakes We Make

A new survey found 30% of people who cook hate their own cooking and feel embarrassed by it.  And the person who’s most likely to openly criticize your cooking is, your Mom.  Followed by your friends, and your significant other.  64% of people in the survey said they’ve had a cooking “disaster” before.  And here are the ten most common mistakes we make.