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Couples Are Now Going to Therapy For Help Dealing with Their In-Laws

If stand-up comedians from the ’80s taught us anything, it’s that there’s NOTHING worse than dealing with your in-laws.  Well, that and men never putting the toilet seat down.  But we’re going to talk about the in-laws thing.  Apparently, more and more couples who don’t really have any problems with each other are going to therapy, to get help dealing with their IN-LAWS.

2018’s Most Popular Halloween Candies to Hand Out in All 50 States puts out a list every year of the three most popular Halloween candies in all 50 states.  Not necessarily the ones we LOVE the most, but the ones we HAND OUT the most.  And this year, they also posted a list of the top 10 OVERALL by looking at how many pounds of each candy Americans have ordered since 2007.

Congress Could Require Airlines to Give Passengers More Legroom

The approval rating for Congress right now is about 19%, because they never seem to actually ACCOMPLISH anything.  So who knows if this will happen or not.  But boy would that rating spike.  According to a new report, there’s a bill floating around Congress that would establish a minimum amount of LEGROOM on airplanes.