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A Seven-Year-Old Has Raised Over $18,000 to Buy Stuffed Animals for Sick Kids

There’s a seven-year-old in Cleveland named Alex Walker who has epilepsy.  So she’s been in and out of hospitals her whole life.  And a few years ago, she noticed some of the other sick kids she met didn’t have stuffed animals.  She wanted to give them some of hers.  But they couldn’t use them because of germs.  They’re only allowed to have NEW toys no one’s used yet.

Is It Okay to Register for Housewarming Gifts? A Third of Us Say Yes

Marriage and babies aren’t as popular as they used to be.  So we’re finding NEW ways to get free stuff out of our friends.  The website Refinery29 just posted an article pushing the idea of registering for HOUSEWARMING gifts when you move into a new place.  Just like you’d register for your wedding, or a baby shower.